DUI Impact On Insurance Rates

May 1, 2017

The consequences of a DUI can be serious. Let’s examine how a DUI will impact your auto insurance rates.

After the DUI trial is over, the financial headache that follows will be long and severe. Insurance companies don’t write specific DUI polices, the policy is just a standard auto policy, but the premiums will be as much as 5 times greater than a policy for someone with a clean record. You will also have to file an SR-22 form, which is commonly referred to as a “Proof of Financial Responsibility” form. It certifies that a driver has purchased at least the minimum amount of liability coverage for their state. While every driver is required to carry this level of insurance, driver’s with a DUI are required to file the SR-22. Insurance companies will help file the form for their customers.

How expensive is a Drunk Driving?

On average a DUI will cost someone around $10,000 when it is all said and done. Insurance costs will be about half of that total. Any discounts you currently may enjoy with your insurance carrier will be gone at your next renewal when your driving record is re-run. Other carriers may choose to drop your policy altogether, or switch you into their high risk division. Some companies specialize in insuring a high risk driver, but those rates are usually triple, or more, than for a driver without a DUI.

How long will my insurance rates be impacted?

Typically a DUI will be on your driving record for 3 to 7 years. After the citation has fallen off your driving record, your insurance rates will return to normal. The expense will not just be for the initial policy after the conviction, but will continue as long as the DUI shows on your driving record.

Will my policy be impacted if my child is convicted of a DUI?

If a parent has their child listed on their policy, and the child is convicted of a DUI, then yes their insurance rates will increase as long as the child is listed on the policy. As the child goes on to get his or her own policy, the rates will continue to be high for them as long as the DUI is still on their driving record.

With prom, graduation, and other summer activities coming up it is a good time to remind everyone in the household the damage a DUI can have. Not only from the possibility of an accident that results in a death or injury of someone, but the long lasting impact it will cause financially. Always know your limit, designate a driver if you are going to drink, and when in doubt call for a safe ride home. It only takes a brief lapse in judgement to cause life changing damage.


Source: Quote Wizard, 4/18/2017


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