Tis the Season

To rake leaves? Yes, you better believe it. As the trees change colors, the air becomes colder, and the car windshields start to frost up we can only think of the multitude of projects that need to get done before the first snow comes. Rake the leaves, pick up walnuts, winterize the toys, seal the windows, and lay a layer of bug guard (they get cold too). All these are constructive priorities but you could be missing some key things before the chill sets in.

Egress window coverings are VERY important. Don’t have a plastic cover or professional cover, no problem. You can take the cheap way and make one with a few screws, a water-resistant sheeting, and some PVC. These not only help insulate the basement from warm air escaping but also protect from giant pockets of snow setting at the bottom near the window. As spring comes, the snow will melt and could seep into the basement and cause a mess.

Clean those gutters! Yes, it’s probably one of the messiest activities but it needs to be done. Leaf debris build-up not only restricts water from leaving the downspouts but can eventually ruin the system as a whole. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your gutters, grab a friend or call a local tree service.

Finally, check the chimney. Depending on what kind of fireplace you have, you need to clean it out. This means a professional ‘sweep’. If fireplace is not being used, make sure to close the vent or put one of those fireplace ‘balloons’ up there to help retain valuable heat during the icy winter days.

With all these tips, you can be sure that you are one step closer to a more comfortable, safe winter. No one really likes old man winter (minus the snowmobilers) but it is a necessary evil that we must combat year after year.

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