Deer Season Vehicle Claims

Firearm deer season opens on November 15th and many hunters will head to the woods in search of a “trophy” buck. Although common throughout the year, deer are more likely to be on the move with increased traffic — just hopefully not in front of your car!

In 2016, Michigan had 46,870 accidents involving deer. With close to 2 million deer in Michigan, these accidents can happen any place and at any time. As hunting season begins, the number of deer related accidents actually increases. November has nearly twice as many accidents as any other month of the year.
Deer are typically the most active at dawn and dusk, so it is no surprise that the most likely time for an accident to occur is between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. as well as 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. If you already hate your morning commute, imagine hitting a deer to the mix!

Some safety tips when it comes to a deer-vehicle accident:
If you see one deer, approach carefully — there may be additional ones that are out of sight.
-Use extra precaution in areas where there are deer warning signs. These signs are placed at known deer crossing areas.
-Deer will often travel in single file, so if you see one cross the road, the odds are there are more nearby waiting to cross.
-If an accident is imminent, do not swerve to avoid the animal. Brake and hang on to the steering wheel with both hands, then move your vehicle to the side of the roadway and contact authorities.

After a deer accident occurs, an insurance claim may ensue. Many of us have coverage for our vehicles that will cover this accident, known as comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage covers losses to your vehicle for reasons other than collision. A common misconception is that a deer accident would be covered under “collision” coverage in the insurance policy, when it actually is covered under the comprehensive coverage on your policy. It is so important to know what your deductibles are, as well as what they cover!

With Michigan having so many deer claims, you may not be properly covered if it happens to you. Contact your local independent agents at the My Member Insurance Agency for a free review of you current policies anytime at 989-791-5400.
Good Luck to all the hunters and stay safe!


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