Eclipse 2017 is finally here!

As you may or may not have heard, there is a pretty cool event about to grace us: a total solar eclipse. How often does this occur? Why should I care? Will it hit me this time? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, this event is truly something to see.
Solar eclipses are actually a fairly common phenomenon; however, a total solar eclipse only visible somewhere on earth roughly every 18 months. This means the moon will pass in front of the sun completely, thus causing a ‘shadow’ or ‘complete’ covering of the sun. Partial eclipses would block part of the sun or look like the ‘crescent moon’ shape. This year, the total solar eclipse will hit multiple points here in the US. Those cities that will be completely shaded are as follows in this order:

1. Salem, Oregon
2. Madres, Oregon
3. Idaho Falls, Idaho
4. Jackson, Wyoming
5. Casper, Wyoming
6. Lincoln, Nebraska
7. Jefferson City, Missouri
8. Carbondale, Illinois
9. Paducah, Kentucky
10. Madisonville, Tennessee
11. Nashville, Tennessee
12. Clayton, Georgia
13. Columbia, South Carolina
14. Charleston, South Carolina

If you are in one of these areas, congrats! You’ve got a front row seat to one of earth’s coolest events. These areas are scheduled to be completely ‘total’ eclipse areas. Roughly, the eclipse distance is 50 miles wide so they are relatively small areas. Of course, the partially ‘shaded’ sun will be visible most places.
Depending on which area you are at, an eclipse happening again in the exact spot is going to a very long way away. In fact, it could range from 100 years to 1500 years! Long story short, if this is your home this year, don’t miss it!
For more info about eclipses or the intended path, please visit the links below!




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