Snow And Ice Removal

As winter begins it is a good time to review the best practices for snow and ice removal around the home. Read below for some helpful tips.

  • Purchase a good shovel. Your local hardware store should have plenty of options. Look for one that is lightweight with a nonstick finish.
  • Rock salt can be used as a “melter” but it is hard on grass, and other plants. Magnesium chloride, or calcium chloride are an alternative option that will cause less damage to your yard, which will save you time and money when you want it to look nice in the spring.
  • If you have shrubs and plants covered in ice, let the ice melt of naturally. If you try to get the ice off, you could cause more harm than good. Again we don’t want to spend extra time and money in the spring time fixing our issues.
  • A great way to prevent slipping and make maneuvering your driveway, sidewalks, or porches is to use sand or kitty litter. They both provide some extra grip when things get slippery.
  • Place a tarp over steps and walkways. It creates a simple way to remove the snow after a storm and also will prevent ice from building up in those areas.
  • If you are able to start shoveling the snow as soon as you can, even if it is still snowing. Once more and more snow accumulates you will have a harder time cleaning it out of the way.
  • Remember the leaf blower you put away after the last leaves fell? Well a leaf blower is a great tool to remove light snow form walkways, porches, and even your vehicle.

These are just a few helpful ideas to make your winter a little less stressful this year. Your friends at My Member Insurance are available to take the stress out of insurance as well, call us today at 989-791-5400 for a review of your current coverages.

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